About The North State Manufacturer’s Directory

Nine Reasons Why a Manufacturing Directory Makes Sense 

  1. Purchasing products from a local manufacturer rather than from outside the north state increases local businessmen’s sales.   With more sales, local businessmen will grow their business and hire local people to produce those parts.
  2. Purchasing services or products from a local supplier rather than from outside the north state increases the efficiency of the businessmen’s equipment.   With higher equipment efficiency, the businessmen will be able to earn more profit.   He will purchase more equipment or supplies and hire more local people.
  3. Having a supplier source close to your business rolls the money in the local area rather than elsewhere.   More money rolled in the local area helps the community at large (retail business, housing, and local government).
  4. A strong manufacturing sector requires a strong supplier base.  Both can grow with more sales.
  5. To be successful, both the manufacturer and the supplier must upgrade to use state of the art equipment and processes.   Both the manufacturer and the supplier will benefit if they can collaborate on implementing new technologies in the local area.   An example of this is robot technology here in the north state.  The list will provide a way of offering our local manufacturers and suppliers with an opportunity to both view and discuss new equipment that is being used at one company that may work in their facility.
  6. Butte County is blessed to have an excellent Junior College and State University right here.  A local business directory will provide our colleges with a source for practical experience for their students through an intern program.   An intern program at these local manufacturing and supplier firms not only helps the student, but it also helps the business.
  7. This list could be used for education opportunities for our local businesses.   Other local businesses and the colleges could help the business become more efficient and thus more profitable by learning how other companies run their business or by learning LEAN principles.
  8. ROP students would benefit from the list by working on special projects for those manufacturers and suppliers, both during the school year and during the summer.   An ROP project may turn into a full time job for those students.
  9.  People that are hired for manufacturing jobs earn more money per year then retail and fast food employees.   Expanding the manufacturing sector will expand our middle class.