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The Butte County Office of Education (BCOE) Expanded Learning Program and the Las Plumas High School Thunderbird Robotics Club are hosting their Annual Lego Robotics Tournament for Butte County Schools!






The tournament will be held on Tuesday, May 17, 2016 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM at the Las Plumas High School gym. Elementary schools students will work in small teams to design, construct and program a NXT Robot during their after school program. Programs will then send a team from their site, along with the robot, to compete against other schools in the Robotics Tournament.

Thunderbird Robotics students from the local high school, Las Plumas High School, will host the event and help to judge and mentor the young students throughout the day.

In addition to the Robotics Tournament, the teams will compete in a STEM Challenge in-between robotics heats. Historically, teams have been given a half sheet of directions and some raw materials and were asked to design and construct an object such as a tower. Typically, a panel of judges with an interest in STEM (i.e. college professors, business owners, etc.) observe and judge how well the students work together and how well-engineered the assigned object is. This is a fun, light-hearted and friendly competition promoting STEM in after school programs!

BCOE and the Thunderbird Robotics Club would like to extend an invitation to Butte County STEM Advisory Council members who would be interested in donating their time for the afternoon and serving as a judge for these young engineers. This event is also a fun way to see what is happening in the schools regarding STEM and the partnership between high schools and elementary schools when it comes to robotics.

Four volunteers are needed! A volunteer’s roll will be clearly spelled out; it is observing the students build something and using a rubric to determine who works the most effectively as a team.

Please email Mary Ellen Garrahy, Program Manager at BCOE Expanded Learning, at if you or anyone you know is interested in helping out. Mary Ellen Garrahy will call each volunteer and connect for about 10 minutes before the day of the event.

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