CSU Chico Lab Renovation Project


A substantial gift is helping to pave the way for improvements to begin inside California State University, Chico’s College of Engineering, Computer Science and Construction Management (ECC) buildings.

Last month, Chico Concrete Industry Management (CIM) Patrons founder and chair Doug Guerrero, presented University leaders with a donation of $400,000. The gift includes $200,000 in funds from the Chico CIM Patrons, as well as matching funds from the CIM National Steering Committee, that will support a comprehensive, multiphase lab renovation on campus.

The first phase of the renovation is already underway, with a summer project to move the Manufacturing Lab from Langdon Hall to its new location in Plumas Hall. This move will free up space for the next phases of renovation in the existing Soils and Structures Lab and a new Advanced Materials Lab in Langdon Hall.

Guerrero said that the complete renovation, which is expected to take several years, will enhance CIM majors’ educational experience and give them a competitive edge by expanding their exposure to real-world, hands-on learning opportunities in state-of-the art, industry-influenced facilities.

“As an industry, we’ve always brought engineers, construction folks and managers in every field together,” said Guerrero. “These students at Chico State are doing everything there is to do while they’re here, and their abilities are just amazing. We’ve got to do this.”

The College of ECC labs in Langdon and Plumas halls serve majors in CIM, as well as civil engineering, construction management, mechanical and mechatronic engineering, and sustainable manufacturing.

Thanks to Guerrero’s leadership, generosity and advocacy, CSU, Chico President Gayle E. Hutchinson recognized that “we have a proven model to follow.”
“The University’s partnership with Mr. Guerrero is exemplary of my vision for the future of Chico State—growing public-private partnerships that strengthen our academic programs and develop innovative curricula that match our faculty and students’ ambitions with the needs of the 21st century,” said President Hutchinson.

Guerrero is a former US Navy lieutenant and holds a BS in architectural engineering from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and an executive MBA from St. Mary’s College of California. During the ECC Commencement ceremony this May, he was honored by the CSU Board of Trustees and CSU, Chico with an honorary doctorate.

Guerrero cofounded and chaired the Chico CIM Patrons—a philanthropic group of individuals and organizations that have donated more than $3.6 million to establish and support the University’s concrete program. CSU, Chico has the only such program in the Western United States and one of only four in the country.