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Springboard Biodiesel LLC

Springboard Biodiesel manufactures small-scale biodiesel processing equipment that enables any business that feeds people to convert used cooking oil into inexpensive, clean-burning biodiesel.

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Biodiesel is the most thoroughly tested alternative transportation fuel in the US. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has determined that biodiesel emits 78.5% less CO2 per gallon than diesel, and, just as important, significantly reduces the particulate matter in the exhaust. It is also an increasingly well known fact that if you use ASTM-grade biodiesel fuel in your vehicle, it will extend the life of your car. What isn’t well known: if you make biodiesel yourself, in a BioPro™ biodiesel processor, you can make it remarkably easily for a cost of 90 cents per gallon (assuming August 2010 commodity prices and a free source of veg/animal-based oil). If you believe, as we do, that it is only a matter of time before the price of diesel revisits its recent historic highs, you will be impressed with your ability to sidestep diesel altogether with the BioPro™ biodiesel processor. Payback is quick. We estimate it will take you approximately 6-8 months, assuming you operate your machine at 2/3rds capacity and diesel #2 costs $3/gal.


  • BioPro 190EX: 50 gallons every 23 hours- $13,990
  • BioPro 190: 50 gallons every 48 hours- $9,995
  • BioPro 380: 100 gallons every 48 hours- $14,995
  • BioPro 380EX: 100 gallons every 23 hours- $19,990
  • SpringPro T76: waterless washing system cleans 20 gallons per hour (reduces total production time for 100 gallons to 13 hours) $6,350


Contact Info:

Mark Roberts
  • (530) 894-1793
  • (530) 894-1048 – fax
341 Huss Drive
Chico CA
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