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Air Spray USA

Wildfire Suppression is the cornerstone of Air Spray's operation. Air Spray operates aircraft for fire suppression in Canada and in the United States. Fire bombing requires exceptionally skilled pilots to battle blazes in the difficult terrain and conditions in and around a large forest fire. Aircraft will perform numerous bombing runs during a typical day to help ground crews and other aircraft battle wildfires.

Air Spray presently owns and operates Lockheed L-188 Electra “Longliner” air tankers and Turbo Commander 690 "Bird Dog" or "Lead Plane" aircraft for forest fire control. Air Spray is in the process of converting our new BAe 146 jet powered aircraft to the air tanker role. Air Spray has earned the reputation as a leading heavy air tanker operator and the expert in the maintenance and operation of these aircraft.

More Information

Celebrating over 45 years of aerial wildfire suppression, Air Spray is dedicated to safety, service and innovation. Excellence in what we do is why Air Spray is continually relied upon year after year to protect our world from wildfires. To view our profile on Facebook please use the following link.


  • BAE 146
  • Lockheed Electra L-188
  • Aero Commander 690
  • Air Tractor AT-802F
  • Air Tractor AT-802F FireBoss


Contact Info:

Rob Harrison
  • (530) 566-9409
  • (530) 566-9407 – fax
77 Piper Avenue,
Chico Municipal Airport
Chico CA
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