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Work Training Center, Inc.

The Work Training Center (WTC) provides jobs for adults with developmental disabilities. In this context the WTC operates a wood shop that produces wood products for both commercial and personal use, and a sewing shop that manufactures backups, totes, messenger bags, and other sewn items to customer specifications.

More Information

Serving Butte County since 1960, Work Training Center is a non-profit organization. Governed by a local Board of Directors, we are dedicated to meeting the training, vocational, and recreational needs of local adults with disabilities. Work Training Center serves over 600 people. Facilities are located in Chico, Oroville, and Paradise, with services provided throughout Butte County. Programs do not rely entirely upon facilities for provision of services. Community integration and/or placement in actual job settings are an important part of each participants individualized service plan. Ten different locations provide the basis for a wide spectrum of services, able to meet diverse needs of participants. Each person is assigned their own rehabilitation or program coordinator to assess needs and monitor progress. In addition to the spectrum of services that enhance consumer skills, Work Training Center operates a transportation system for those unable to utilize public transportation. Vehicles with specially trained drivers provide access to all programs, regardless of physical or behavioral challenges. WTC vehicles cover almost 3,000 miles each day. WTC services are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). Funding for Work Training Center services is primarily provided through the State of California, Department of Developmental Services, and Department of Rehabilitation. Additional support comes from fundraising, donations, private foundations, local governments, and contracts with private businesses and government agencies. All services are provided at no charge to participants.


  • Sewing: Single Needle
  • Sewing: Double Needle
  • Sewing: Bar Tack
  • Sewing: Hot and Cold Strip Cutter
  • Sewing: Box Stitch
  • Woodworking: Band Saw
  • Woodworking: Planer
  • Woodworking: Joiner
  • Woodworking: Table Saw


Contact Info:

Don Krysakowski
  • (530) 343-7994
  • No Fax number
2255 Fair Street
Chico CA
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