MTECH Expands its Line

New QTAC™ Fire Suppression Products Help Stop Wildfires Before They Begin

MTECH, Inc., of Chico, has expanded its line of firefighting equipment to include the QTAC™, a portable, personal-sized firefighting system designed to knock down fires before they escalate.

The QTAC is a self-contained firefighting apparatus that is designed to be carried on ATVs, UTVs, or in the bed of a light passenger truck.

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“The idea for QTAC came from a rancher’s request for a scaled-down version of MTECH’s quick-attack wildland fire engine – something that could easily be deployed and operated by just one person,” explains MTECH’s President, Tom Black.

“The end result is the QTAC line of products,” continues Black. “They’re affordable and easy to operate, but have many of the attributes of a quick-attack engine; QTACs can pump water, apply fire retardants, and draft from any nearby body of water.”

QTACs can also be adapted for other purposes, such as crop, weed, or tree spraying, and they can also be used as pumping stations for water tank refilling or general irrigation purposes.

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Founded in 1997, MTECH, Inc. is an industrial and firefighting equipment product development and manufacturing firm located in Chico, CA