Nor-Cal Vans Job Opening

Nor-Cal Vans Installer-1

Nor-Cal Vans has the following job opening:

Installer-1 is the initial position for any new hire for the production floor of NCV.

This position has responsibility for learning and assisting with any and all portions of the assembly, modification, and installation process, and will generally fall under the guide of one or more senior members of the team to learn these processes.

  • The position calls for a general knowledge of the manufacturing, fabrication, and installation of metal, plastic, wood, and flooring products in and on vehicles.
  • The position requires the ability to occasionally lift items of approximately 50lbs.
  • The position requires the use of a forklift, and vehicle lifts, and training will be provided.
  • The position requires driving a vehicle, and a current and valid CA Driver License will be necessary.

The following items come under his/her job description:

1)    General knowledge of:

a.     Hand tools
b.     Power tools including drill motors, jig saws, sanders, reciprocating saws, and the like
c.     Safety  equipment, including hearing protection, eye and face protection, and gloves when applicable
d.     Assist in overall facility cleanliness.

2)    General assistance with any and all aspects of the manual labor involved in the production of our product lines.

3)    Overall knowledge of our processes and product, and willingness to learn new processes when requested.

4)    Presentation to the Shop Lead and/or Production Manager any ideas for new methods to increase efficiency, up to and including recommendations for physical changes in both product and facilities, after an initial period of learning our current processes.

5)    Assure that all tools assigned to them, and shop tools, are maintained as necessary, and generally kept in good working order.

6)    Responsibility for personal safety and awareness of surroundings.  Also reporting of unsafe equipment or working conditions to Management.

7)    Maintaining a specified quality of work and department harmony.

The above basic job requirements may include additional responsibilities as directed by the Production Manager. An installer-1 takes direction from and reports to their instructing Installer, Shop Lead, and Production Manager.

Contact: Nor-Cal Vans (530) 892-0150