Parallax 2-Day Robotics Course

Parallax 2-Day Robotics Course in Rocklin, CA.


When: April 18 – 19, 2017

Where: Parallax, Inc. Office
(599 Menlo Dr. Suite #100, Rocklin, CA 95765)

Registration: Seats are limited; Register now

About This Two-Day Training Opportunity:
Parallax invites all educators (middle school through university), and those involved in any form of education, to participate in a two-day Professional Development course in April 2017 at their office in Rocklin, California. Parallax is running a hands-on course for educators where they will each program a multicore microcontroller using Google’s Blockly. That’s right – students can quickly and easily program a cutting-edge embedded processor with a visual programming language that resembles Scratch!

Don’t wait! This class is limited to a maximum of 25 participants and the class is filling up quickly! Don’t miss this one of a kind opportunity; Register today!

This course is suitable for adaptation to any class within STEM introduction, robotics, engineering technology and other CTE topics.

Parallax, Inc. would appreciate sharing of this event information with other local educators, as most of us are involved in local industries.

Why should you care about this opportunity?
Students love it, educators support it and the future of Parallax’s 20+ year educational track record is now based upon it. The importance of a modern education based around this current technology is expressed in the following message delivered to Parallax Co-Owner, Ken Gracey, from American River College professor, Jordan Meyer (one of his alma maters, and a testing ground for Parallax’s products):

“My name is Jordan Meyer, and I am a professor of Electronics Technology at American River College. I teach several classes, including beginning and intermediate robotics. Recently, while I was evaluating several robot controllers for my robotics class, I came across the Propeller chip, and I was very impressed. The microprocessor is extremely powerful: it has eight cores that can run independently and share data. This sounded great, but initially I was skeptical; I thought it would be very difficult to write programs for a processor like this. Then I started to explore the BlocklyProp language, and the more I learned, the more excited I got. The graphical nature of BlocklyProp makes it quick and easy to create for loops, while loops, case statements, and other fundamental programming structures. Also, since BlocklyProp is graphical, it prevents syntax errors. This means that students spend their time learning the big ideas of programming, rather than counting open and closed brackets. BlocklyProp comes with features that are convenient for robotics, like built-in functions to control motors, light LED’s, and read sensors. In addition, BlocklyProp makes multicore programming simple; a single command is all it takes to launch a function to run on its own core. All in all, I think that the Propeller chip with the BlocklyProp language is an ideal combination for anyone who wants to learn programming or robotics.”

Jordan Meyer, Professor of Electronics Technology at American River College

More About Parallax, Inc.’s Blockly system:


About Parallax, Inc.:

Parallax, Inc., a robotics company based out of Rocklin, CA., believes in the genius in all of us. Whether a simple project or an intricate invention, Parallax provides electronic hardware, software, and tutorials to amplify your potential. Equip your genius. For 25+ years, Parallax, Inc. has provided the electronics industry with high-quality robotics, revolutionary microcontrollers, a wide variety of sensors, and a complete line of learning kits for beginners and educators. Interested? Learn more about Parallax, Inc. by visiting their website today.