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CSU Chico, Dept of Mechanical & Mechatronic Engineering & Sustainable Manufacturing

What is sustainable manufacturing?

Sustainable Manufacturing is an integrated field of study that combines technical feasibility with environmental responsibility and economic viability.

Students at CSU, Chico learn to anticipate the implications of decisions and to evaluate options in a global context that minimizes the impact of manufacturing activities on people, the environment, and resources, while understanding the underlying economics of producing goods. The identification of alternatives in design, materials and process is stressed and allows informed trade-off decisions to be made. Design for manufacture, deconstruction, resource recovery, material selection, life cycle assessment, environmental and quality standards are emphasized while health and safety, project management, and sustainable practices are embedded in every aspect of the curriculum.

The Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Manufacturing at CSU Chico meets the technical needs of companies that are being asked to evaluate design, materials, processes, products and suppliers, with an eye toward a rising bar of corporate responsibility and sustainability. As the only domestic bachelor’s degree program in sustainable manufacturing, and one of three in the world, our students are addressing the paradigm shift facing domestic, and especially California, manufacturers. Our graduates and faculty are positioned to help during this transition time while global manufacturing is being redefined.