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PG&E supports manufacturers and suppliers through various sponsorships and Manufacturer forums. Working in tandem with economic development organizations and community leaders, we help supply the energy needs of our local businesses. PG&E is continually investing in our infrastructure and working closely with the local businesses and civic community to plan for growth.

In 2013 PG&E plans to invest over $100 million in North Valley Division for reliability and safety projects.North Valley Division was one of PG&E’s first divisions to establish a Division Leadership Team comprised of employees from our gas and electric operations teams as well as community relations, customer service and other groups that operate in North Valley. The Division Leadership Team is made up of employees who live and work locally, and understand North Valley’s unique culture, concerns and challenges. This team coordinates with other departments in our organization to help customers navigate through the PG&E system with the goal of helping to create a more positive customer experience. Some of the other services our local representatives provide are rate analysis, demand response and energy efficiency programs as well as outage communication.

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