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Sustainable Management Consulting

Sustainability Management Consulting (SMC) provides strategic, human resources, and financial management consulting services. SMC finds solutions to problems. Create a clear and concise vision, mission, and goals that ensure your business’ longevity. SMC’s passion is to create efficiencies so you can be effective.

SMC also specializes in sustainability management. Learn simple ways to manage a profitable company by managing environmental management and social responsibility. The bottom line is sustainability management will save you money right away.

Sustainable businesses understand their impacts on the natural environment, society, and the economy and design tactics to reduce negative impacts and enhance positive impacts. We guarantee that we will reduce risks and expenses, while envisioning new opportunities for growth and building your brand image.

  • How the organization is already moving toward sustainability in respects to social, environmental and economic responsibility
  • A strategic vision and mission statement that encompasses Triple Bottom Line
  • Sustainability Management System policy and procedure
  • Assessment of social impacts
  • Assessment of economic impacts
  • Assessment of environmental impacts, such as energy consumption, waste management, water management, and pollution risks or abatement
  • Life cycle assessment practices to reduce, reuse, and recycle natural resources
  • Proposals for short, medium, and long range target goals
  • Tactics to align business units for systemic change
  • Metrics to measure progress

Optional Services:

  • Project management to implement proposals by licensed professionals
  • Communication tools and marketing messages that clearly demonstrate your values
  • Training materials or sessions to build awareness to ensure employee success
  • Change management and long-term motivation
  • Sustainability reporting to accompany or integrate into your financial statements
  • Marketing and public relation strategies
  • Environmental Preferable Purchasing Policy
  • Scorecard methodology to select suppliers and contractors
  • Partnerships with nongovernmental and governmental agencies to collaborate on solutions as a community

Contact Info:

Angela Casler