Smart Building Webinar

Sustainability Management Association has announced their next webinar on energy management and the new technologies available to organizations.

Date and Time: October 20, 2015 from 11am – 12pm PDT
Title: Smart Buildings for a Smart Grid – A day in the life of a smart building

Join the Sustainability Management Association’s webinar with best in class speakers Russell Garcia and Gary Van Winkle of Johnson Controls, Inc. The webinar will focus on how to use emerging technologies available to control costs and explore energy alternatives for building management systems. This webinar will focus on how to maximize a building’s productivity by using technology.

The webinar will give participants first hand insight into a 24-hour day of a smart building and how it interconnects with its environment and people. Join us to learn more, or ask technical questions, about the following ways to optimize your building’s performance:

• Building Maintenance Systems
• Technologies available
• Energy
• Renewable energy, such as biomass, geothermal, wind and solar systems
• Utility management
• Predictive cost analysis

Since buildings use 40% of the world’s energy and produce approximately 30% of carbon emissions, the construction and energy industries are making a powerful positive difference in how we manage our own facilities. Give your organization a competitive advantage by learning about emerging technologies that make building or maintaining your facility sustainable.

Who Should Attend

Professionals from the built environment, and professionals looking to reduce energy costs to optimize energy efficiency for any type of organization from government, schools, business, agriculture, retailers, to LEED certified professionals

About The Speakers

Russell Garcia
Director- State Government & Higher Education; U.S. West Region
Company: Johnson Controls, Inc.
Responsible for the State Government and Higher Education market growth for the SSNA in the U.S. Western Region. Develops strategy, offerings, innovation & leadership for JCI field.

Education and Certifications:
● MBA International Business; Brandman University
● BA Organizational Leadership; Brandman University
● LEED AP; U.S. Green Building Council
● PCF Certified; Performance Contracting and Funding

Gary Van Winkle
Account Executive, Johnson Controls, Inc.
About Johnson Controls, Inc.:
Warren Johnson invented the electrical thermostat in 1885 and started a company focused on energy efficiency. The company specializes in using the best technologies for commercial business, government facilities, universities, and schools to optimize how the building uses energy to achieve operating efficiencies. Johnson Controls, Inc. is also the largest supplier of automobile batteries. The company recycles 99% of all batteries in the U.S. and Europe and then upcycles them with 80% recycled content.

How To Participate
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