Talent Pipeline Management

Educating and Training Workers in the 21st Century

A new video by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation shows how supply chain management methods can be applied to closing the skills gap.

As of today, there is a high demand for skilled workers but employers are finding out that those individuals are very hard to find. The USCCF is engaging employers to apply supply chain management to producing skilled workers. This is how it works: Employers must act as end-consumers and build flexible and responsive talent pipelines for new hires. Students and job seekers are given a pathway to employment and will find out what skills a business needs and how to get them.

Companies throughout the U.S. are already using this method. They are giving entry-level applicants real world experience and receiving positive feedback. They are finding out that the talent pipeline management fits the modern economy’s needs for change and innovation. Read the full article and watch the video at U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation.