Thunderbird Robotics Support

The FRC 4643 Thunderbird Robotics Club, housed at Las Plumas High School, is seeking contributions and support for their upcoming 2017 competition season. Visit the Thunderbird Robotic website here.

What Do Contributions Support: 29 active high school members. In the past five years, members have come from the following North State schools:

Las Plumas High School; Oroville High School; Hearthstone Charter; Chico High School; Pleasant Valley High School; Butte County Core High School; and Inspire School for Arts & Science.

What They Do: FRC 4643 Thunderbird Robotics seeks to promote the learning of STEM concepts. FIRST is more than robotics though. It is a community of people who are passionate about learning, who want to be challenged and who want to work with others in exploring their passion. See This Isn’t A Robot for an idea of what this means.

Where Do They Compete: This year, Thunderbird Robotics intends to compete at two FRC Regional events:

  • Sacramento regional at UC-Davis: March 22 – 25
  • Idaho Regional at Boise State: March 29 – April 1

Cost of Competing: Projected budget for the 2017 season is $30,000. This cost will cover two tournaments registrations, robot construction, travel & hotel, uniforms, and feeding the team during 5 and 8 hour meetings as well as at tournaments. In addition, with the start of a 501(c)3 non-profit, there are some initial start-up costs required.
A detailed comparison between the actual cost of the 2016 season and the projected cost of the 2017 season are available below. For a detailed listing of parts required for the 2017 competition season, click here.

How to Support: There are three ways to support Thunderbird Robotics:

  • Financial – Donating funds directly to the team.
  • In Kind – Donating materials, supplies, or other needs of the team.
  • Time – Mentorship is a key part of the FIRST experience. Providing students the opportunity to work with professionals in engineering and manufacturing is an invaluable contribution to the team.







5 Levels of Sponsorship:

  • Friends of Thunderbird Robotics – Up to $100
  • Silver –$100 to $499. Sponsor will have its logo on the team website.
  • Gold – $500 to $999. Sponsor will have its logo on the team uniform and website.
  • Platinum – $1,000 to $4,999. Sponsor will have its logo on the team robot, uniform and website as well as a tax deduction to not-for-profit organization.
  • Diamond -$5,000 and Up. Sponsor will have its logo on the team trailer, robot, team uniform, and website as well as a tax deduction to not-for-profit organizations.

For More Information:
Please contact: Jonathon Andrew, Thunderbird Robotics Advisor
Phone: (530) 538-2380 Ext. 2255