Train the Trainer Slide Show

If you could do one thing to improve the way schools prepare your workforce, what would it be?

Transfer Flow founder Bill Gaines has been sharing his thoughts on that topic with North State audiences, including Rotary in Redding and Northern Rural Training and Employment Consortium (NoRTEC) in Chico, where Los Plumas High instructor, Jon Andrew, joined him.

You can read his speaker’s notes here (PDF)

New Rules for Education

The gist of Gaines’s message is this: “The way we educate our kids has to change, and that change doesn’t need to cost billions of dollars.”

Gaines believes we have to make up new rules for education. “The current rule of teaching our kids about technology from a book does not work. The current rule of teachers teaching 20-year-old technologies and thinking they are training that student for a career doesn’t work either.”

He offers 3 new rules:

  1. Train the teachers about the new technologies used at local companies. This applies to companies who work in the fields of medicine, agriculture, engineering, technology and manufacturing to name a few.
  2. Teach those new technologies starting in elementary school.
  3. Offer hands-on training to students through middle school and high school.

Book a Speaker

Gaines would love to spread his message. He can be booked for speaking engagements by contacting Transfer Flow at (530) 893-5209.