Welding Advisory Committee Meeting

When: November 5 @ Noon-1:30pm

Where: Original Pete’s, 2495 Carmichael Drive, Chico

Hosted by: Jon Andrew (Las Plumas High), Wes Bill (Durham High), Steven Boyes (Biggs High), Nick Dreesman (Gridley High), Doug Flesher (Table Mountain School), and Matt Joiner (Pleasant Valley High)

The Butte County ROP Advisory Committee is inviting all welders and fabricators to join this meeting to discuss things happening in the industry. The Butte County ROP Advisory consists of six different welding programs. Businesses in Butte County that have a welding and/or fabrication component to them are encouraged to come to this meeting to gain and give knowledge of welding and/or fabrication to better their companies as well as the welding programs.

If interested, please contact Bill Gaines at bgaines@transferflow.com by October 30th